Fostering a dog can be a rewarding experience. Many of our dogs have been through some terrible ordeals and are often frightened and confused. Fostering is a great way of providing them with a warm bed, a loving environment and somewhere they can feel safe. It is also a great way to assess a dog and how they behave within a home. There are many Bull Terriers in kennels around the UK and unfortunately some are destroyed because foster spaces and/or forever homes cannot be found for them. Rescues work hard to try and find these dogs foster spaces and forever homes, and by offering just one dog a foster space you could be saving a life.

Fostering is not always easy but it IS very rewarding. There are things that you MUST take into consideration before deciding to foster one of our dogs.

Does everyone in the family agree? The decision to foster one of our dogs needs to be a family decision and is something that needs to be talked through with every member of the family. If one person is not happy then fostering is unlikely to work and can cause tension, something which dogs will pick up on instantly.

Do you have children? If so are they familiar with dogs? Consider their ages. Our dogs often need peace, quiet and reassurance, rowdy children who pester them could potentially turn into a tense situation.

Do you have other pets? We will place dogs in foster with other pets but you must consider if your dog will be accepting of another dog invading their territory. If your existing dog is not able to accomidate others, it is not a good idea to consider fostering.

Bull breeds do not do well in kennels, and some of our dogs have a history that is not very pleasant therefore some dogs that go to foster do have behaviour issues. You will be given support and guidance from us whenever you need it.

Some of the qualities we look for in a fosterer are:

  • Experience and confidence with owning dogs, particularly Bull breeds.
  • Prepared to travel in order to collect your foster dog or to take them to their forever home (we try and keep the travelling to a minimum however sometimes it is not always possible to organise a suitable transport run).
  • Willing to help with the re-homing process by giving regular updates, photos and communicating with us on a regular basis.
  • Has access to computer and camera equipment for taking photos of the dog in the home and out and about.
  • The ability to nurse a sick or injured dog back to health.
  • COMMON SENSE!!! You may have to make judgement calls in circumstances that happen very quickly and unexpectedly.

You do not have to fit perfectly into the above, but if you feel you have some of the qualities we are looking for get in touch!
The best way to get more information is via Facebook or email.
Adopt-a-Bull Terrier rescue will reimburse any veterinarian fees for a dog whilst in your care.
If you would like further information please contact on of our Coordinators on the “Contact Us” page. HERE or email