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Adopt-a-Bull Terrier Rescue was developed to help less fortunate Bull Terriers who may have disabilities, impairments or special needs. Having previously worked for a rescue who refused to help a bullie with special needs and realizing that there was no real place in rescue for him…he could not be re-homed! He may have been a drain on resources!

We decided to branch out by ourselves and help ALL bullies… not just the ones who are fit and healthy.

So, why special needs dogs? Have a read about our current special needs dogs and you’ll understand why! These dogs are normal, happy little puppies who just need a little help. They will go on to live full and extremely happy lives. Veterinary advice is ALWAYS sought before any dog with special needs is taken on to ensure that the right thing is being done by them. If there is a chance the dog will survive and go on to lead a full, happy life then they will not be overlooked. Together with the years of Bull Terrier breed experience and qualifications in dog behaviour offered by the other founder and the team we have, these dogs will have a chance.

If you have a dog with special needs and think we may be able to help and/or advise you then please get in touch using the Contact Form or email using info@adoptabullterrierrescue.co.uk

Adopt-A-Bull Terrier Rescue is a non-profit, voluntary organisation that relies on donations made by the public as well as funds raised by our volunteers. All monies received goes toward helping the dogs in our care and are NOT used for any other purpose. Many of our dogs require veterinary care when they come to us and some may require treatment whilst in foster. All our dogs are neutered and spayed in foster if this has not already been done before they come into our care. We would not be able to do this without your very generous support and we are very grateful of any donations received.

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